How to reset Mi phones through settings | Easy Method

How to reset Mi phones

If you want to know, How to reset Mi phones? It is super easy to do it through settings and by following some simple steps that we're here to teach you. For any security purpose or due to some unwanted files on your devices, you might be thinking about resetting it. But, before you reset your Xiaomi device, you should have a backup of your important files, folders, application or any software. Don't worry about resetting your Mi smartphones, Today here you will learn about How you can reset your Mi phones through settings (Factory Data Reset).

5 Reasons To Reset A Smartphone

There are lots of reasons to reset a smartphone. The five reasons to reset a smartphone are mentioned below:-
  1. While Selling Second-Hand phone to others
  2. Due to some wrong settings
  3. Due to lag occurring in Smartphone
  4. When Storage is full of unnecessary files
  5. While you want to remove viruses and other malware

Before Reset

There are a few things that you have to take care of it before you reset your smartphone. It will prevent your device from damage and data loss. Follow these steps:-
  1. Take a backup if needed.
  2. Make sure you know your Email password (Password of Email that is connected to your device.
  3. If you don't know the password of your Email, then turn off SYNC (from where you On and Off your Wifi).
  4. Make sure its battery is not Dead or going to Dead.
These are the steps that will protect your device from getting harmed or Data Loss.

How To Reset Mi Phones?

Nowadays, Mi has covered lots of Asian markets, and in some countries, it has ranked as No.1 Selling smartphones due to its price and specs. Mi provides amazing Flagship smartphones devices in aggressive cost. So, We thought lot's of people should facing problems to reset their Mi phones, that's why we are here to teach you. Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your any Mi phones through settings.

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Goto Additional Settings
Step 3: Then click on "Backup & reset".
Step 4: Goto Factory Data Reset
Step 5: Click on Reset Phone
Step 6: Reset Done

By following this method, you can easily reset any smartphone, not only a Mi smartphone. It is simple, easy and fully secure. Also, If you are a Smart Cell User You Can Read This: How to take loan in smart cell?

After Reset

These are not mandatory, you can skip it. But, You can check this out, if you want to know your device has been secure and successfully reset.
  1. Restore all files if you have a Backup.
  2. Connect to WiFi Network and Update your device's software (If Available)


That we have taught you is only for Emergency and Educational purpose. Do not try this with your friend's phone or for fun. Hope you guys get it and learned How to reset Mi phones through settings. If you still have any query related to it, you can comment down below. The steps that are mentioned below are provided for informational and also for your help. You may Reset your Smartphone following these steps. If you found it informative, please support us by sharing this article with your friends and also try to leave a Sweet comment. Bytheway, Thanks for Visiting, Keep Visiting for More Information like this article.

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