How to take screenshot on laptop windows 7 | Laptop Screen Capture

How to take screenshot on laptop windows 7 | Laptop Screen Capture

How to take a screenshot on laptop windows 7? Do you also think about the same? Don't worry, we are here to clear your doubt with the three different methods using that you can capture your screen. These three methods that I'm gonna teach you will be very simple and easy. These methods are for Windows OS if you have a windows computer/laptop you capture your screen easily.

Sometimes you need to remember something like your password of multiple accounts or any other thing that you don't want to forget. For personal use, or for sharing different moments screenshot can be necessary. Nowadays MEME trends a lot, and we found people sharing their inbox's oops moment screenshot that makes you laugh and for the same reason some of you might need to learn how t screenshot on the computer?

How to take screenshots on laptop windows 7/8/10?

If you use a computer a lot or you have used windows os a lot then, you might already know that steps. A professional computer user knows how to take a screenshot on windows? But if you are a beginner then, today here you'll learn all about taking screenshots with different methods on windows.

These are the three different methods using that you can take on screenshots on windows:-
  • Snipping Tools
  • Shortcut Key
  • Lightshot

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Screenshots Using Snipping Tools

If you want to take a screenshot on windows then, snipping tools will help you to make a perfect and HD screenshot with easy steps. Sniping tools is software by Windows if you search for Snipping Tools it will be there, and you don't need to make download.

To take a screenshot on windows using snipping tools follow these steps:-
  • Press Windows Key
  • Search for a program Snipping Tools
  • Click and open snipping tools
  • Click on New and Take a screenshot by selecting the area which you want in a screenshot.
  • For saved screenshots open My Documents folder.

Screenshots Using Shortcut Key

There is the one shortcut key using that you can take a screenshot. Just press Windows Key + Print SysRq Key to take screenshots with super easy method. Screenshots will capture the whole screen area.

Screenshots Using Lightshot

Lightshot is also a trusted application to take a screenshot on a Windows computer. Lightshot makes it easy, and it also includes extra features. Follow these steps:-
  • Download and Install it.
  • Press Print SysRq key
  • Select area that you want in the screenshot.
  • Press Ctrl + S key to save it.

Even using this software, you can easily take screenshots, and edit it by writing a text on it or drawing something on it. The screenshot will be saved on a new folder named "Lightshot" on your computer's My Document folder.


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