How to deactivate Vodafone caller tune (Cancle Vodafone caller tune)

How to deactivate Vodafone caller tune (Cancle Vodafone caller tune)

Updated: Feb 2021

Don't know How to deactivate Vodafone caller tune? Even I don't. Just kidding I know about it and today in this post you will learn to deactivate the Vodafone caller tune service.

Vodafone Caller Tune

Vodafone caller tune let your caller enjoy your favourite song while bell ringing time duration. That means you will set your favourite music as a Vodafone caller tune but, callers will enjoy your favourite song while your bell is ringing. You can genuinely choose your favourite music from the list of Vodafone hello tunes.

How to activate Vodafone Caller Tune?

If you just previously deactivated your caller tune service and you want to activate it again. So, to activate the Vodafone caller tune service follow the steps mentioned below:-

Follow any one steps for easy activation***
  • Just dial *567#

  • Call on IVR Number 56789 and follow the system instruction.

  • Send ACT CT <CT Code> to 56789.

How to deactivate Vodafone caller tune?

Sometimes you get bored using the same thing many times. Just like that, you can get bored anytime from your caller tune service if you want to cancel/stop your caller tune service. Just follow the steps mentioned below to complete the deactivation process.

To deactivate your Vodafone caller tune service Send SMS 'CAN CT 'to '144' to deactivate your already activated caller tune service on Vodafone.


Below there are the steps that are for the beginner if you don't know to send SMS then it should work:-
  • Open Messages on your Device.
  • Create a New Message.
  • Add 144 as a "Send To" Number.
  • Add CAN CT as a text message.
  • Sent This and wait for deactivation.
Just Kidding Guys the steps are just because I need content but guys genuinely somebody really deserve this whole process of messaging.


This is our conclusion bar where I'll say my last sweet words for you, yes you. I hope you guys loved it and please don't forget to share this deactivation method with your friends who really deserve this. Please feel free to share this on your social media and Hopefully, you guys understand How to deactivate Vodafone caller tune?

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