How to transfer Jio balance to another Jio number | Easy Methods

How to transfer Jio balance to another Jio number

How to Transfer Jio balance to another Jio Number?, If you want to learn the complete process just stick with this article.

Jio is India's largest telecom provider that is also famous for its quality services and data plans. Jio always tries to satisfy its customers through their networks. It is the best telecom network that provides cheap and reliable voice pack services and data packages. Jio is one of the telecom provider in India who can sell more products at a low rate that results in high profit for Jio.

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How to Transfer Jio Balance to another Jio number?

Many of the Jio users want to transfer their Talktime balance to another Jio sim to their relatives, family members of a friend. In case of moving a balance in another Jio number can be a bit difficult for the Jio user. But many people describe their issue occurring while transferring their balance.  Some of Jio users also says, "transferring a balance in Jio is not possible". But there is still one possible method that might work.

Note: You can't transfer your Jio balance to any other companies sim. Do not try to waste your time in moving Talktime balance from Jio to any other telcos companies.

Steps to Transfer Jio Balance To Another Jio Number

Step1: Download My Jio App in your Device.
Step2: Open My Jio App.
Step3: Sign in with your number.
Step4: Click on the menu bar at the top left.
Step5: Select "Voucher" from your menu bar.
Step6: Then, Add any Jio plans on your mobile number.
Step7: After adding a Voucher on your plan list.
Step8: Then, You can quickly transfer it to other Jio number.

After following that above steps, You can just click on the transfer button and follow the instructions for completing the transfer process.

Many of the Jio users belives there is no transferring option available out there officially that can solve your problem. But you can try the above methods for conforming this method. There is no any USSD codes available to transfer Jio's Talktime Balance.

How to Transfer Jio 4G Data?

Jio allows their users to transfer their data balance to another Jio users number but, there is no any specific Talktime balance transfer method for Jio users. Most of Jio's customer wants to transfer their Jio 4G data balance to another Jio 4G user cause they know Jio is the fastest internet service provider in India.

Note: The 1.5GB Jio Internet Pack is not transferrable. So, you should have to recharge additional data packs to share your data pack to another Jio user.

Follow these steps to transfer Jio 4G data balance to another Jio 4G number:-
  • Download and Install My Jio App.
  • Open Menu and then buy additional data packs.
  • After Buying Additional Packs, enter another Jio number whom you want to transfer data.
After following these steps mentioned above, you can successfully transfer you Jio 4G balance data to another Jio 4G user.


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