How to take a loan in Vodafone (Vodafone Talktime Loan code)

How to take a loan in Vodafone (Vodafone Talktime Loan code)
Don't know How to take a loan in Vodafone? I will provide you with the exact and updated loan USSD code to use loan service from Vodafone. I'll also explain what a mortgage is? And how does it make a profit to the company?

A loan is a useful service that many telecom companies and other business-related companies provide to get more profit. Vodafone provides the same loan offer to their customers to enjoy the extra balance service. The loan amount with some interest rate deduced every time directly from your principal balance when you use their loan service.

Every Telcos company provides loan service for using the loan as a credit. It's also a way to get profit by deducting extra charges from your principal balance, that means they are getting their interest.

How to check Vodafone Talktime balance?

Vodafone Loan

Telecom companies provide loan service that can be used in different situations. Sometimes you can be talking to someone, and your principal balance can go empty, or sometimes you forget to recharge your phone but, you want to make an urgent phone call. In that kind of situations, Vodafone loan service will help you to get connected with your loved once.

Rules For Loan

There are some common, and simple rules that the loan taker should follow to take a loan. If you don't follow these rules you can't get a loan from Vodafone, so, make sure you've followed these rules:-
  1. Make sure your balance is less than or equals to Rs 5.
  2. Your Vodafone Sim must be 90 days or older.
After, you make sure these two things you can take a Vodafone loan. Vodafone will charge you extra cost as interest and your loan amount + Interest amount will be automatically deducted from you Vodafone sim next time you recharge.

How to take a loan in Vodafone

If you want to get the answer to your question, How to take a loan in Vodafone? then follow these steps by steps procedure:-
  • Open your Phone dial Pad.
  • Dial *111*3*6# for getting the loan.
Or, you can use this alternative way to get a loan from Vodafone. Send Credit to 144  as an SMS and wait for the requested service activated message.


In this article, I have tried to explain How to take a loan in Vodafone? Hope you guys cleared it. Please help me by sharing this post in social media to your friends who don't know to take a loan in Vodafone.

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