How to get internet setting in Airtel - Airtel 4G internet settings

How to get internet setting in Airtel - Airtel 4G internet settings

Your internet setting in Airtel gone wrong?, and you don't know How to get internet setting in Airtel?. Let's check the working 2020 Airtel 4G internet settings for your Android and ios.

If you are an airtel internet user, and you carry airtel 4G sim card on your ios or Android device, it's helpful to know your apn or internet settings for your device that will help you to quickly set up your internet settings if somehow they are changed.

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Airtel 4G internet settings for Android

Just I've said sometimes your friends can set up your internet settings with the wrong apn, or it already has incorrect apn settings on your android device. Going wrong with your internet settings will get you in trouble. If you want to set the correct Airtel internet settings on your Android, follow these steps mentioned below:-
  • Open your phone's settings.
  • Then, Select Sim Cards and Mobile Networks.
  • Then, Select your Airtel sim.
  • Click on Apn (Access Point Name) settings.
  • Then, click on New APN or Add Apn option available there.

After following these steps, you will see the fill-up form appeared on your screen. Below there are the fill-up form details that you have to fill it on the way.

Name: Airtel Internet
Apn Type: default,supl
Bearer: (Select the internet type that you want to access.)

Note: Please enter these setting as mentioned and save it after finishing your set up, then you will able to access your internet on your Android.

Airtel internet settings for IOS

Above there we have completed How to get internet setting on the Internet on Android? Now, its turn to set internet settings on your IOS if you are an apple user. Steps for airtel 4G internet settings on IOS:-

  • Open your phone's browser.
  • Then, Visit
  • Click on create Apn option at the bottom of your phone.
  • Then, select your country.
  • Also, Select your carrier as Airtel.
  • Click on create APN.

The website will ask you for getting access to your settings configurations profile, allow it.
After doing that installation profile will be open automatically. Then follow these more steps to configure your internet settings:-

  • Click on Install on the right upper corner.
  • Then, enter your phone's password.
  • Click on Install again.
  • Then, click on Done.
After following these installation steps, your Apn settings for the internet has been changed automatically. When you are done, please restart your phone, and when it's open you will see there is a new application from Unlock It in your phone, you can uninstall it if you think you don't want to change your apn settings anymore. If you believe it can be used in future to change your Apn in future, then you can keep it in your phone.


I hope you guys learned How to get internet setting in Airtel?, or the process of Airtel 4G internet settings. Please share this to your social media's friends, family or relatives if you find this helpful for them or to you. Help us by sharing it on your social media account, and I hope I have cleared your doubt.

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