How To Take a Loan in Airtel, Emergency Talktime Loan From Airtel

How To Take a Loan in Airtel, Emergency Talktime Loan From Airtel

Article describing How to take a loan in airtel, or how to get a loan from airtel. In different emergency conditions, you need to make a phone call but might be no sufficient balance left there even you don't have a single rupee in your pocket in that condition you can take a loan from airtel. Airtel Provides you emergency Talktime loan service for Rs 10. In an emergency condition Rs, 10 is enough to make a phone call. Airtel provides the emergency loan service as an Airtel credit balance that cost extra charges during payback.

People having Less than Rs 5 in their principal balance can apply for the airtel loan service, and It is only for airtel users.

How To Take a Loan in Airtel

There is an easy way to take a loan in airtel. USSD code is available there to take a loan in four different easy steps. Follow the steps given below to receive a credit in airtel:-

  1. Open your mobile's Dial Pad.
  2. Dial {*141*10#} or {*141#} to take a loan in airtel.
  3. Follow the Pop-Up Instructions.
  4. Airtel Loan will be added after completing the process.

Loan Using MyAirtel App

  1. First, Download and Install the MyAirtel App from your device's store.
  2. Open it and login into it.
  3. Search for the Loan/Advance Talktime Service.
  4. To complete the process, please select your desired amount.
  5. After Completion, you will found the loan amount on your phone.

About Loan & It's Extra Charge

Airtel charges an additional amount for using their loan service. The charges will be automatically deducted when you recharge your phone next time. The extra cost charges will be Rs 2 for the loan of Rs 10. That means the loan of Rs 10 will charge you Rs 12 for the next time you recharge after credit.


So, we ended up the instruction on How to take a loan in airtel and hope you guys have cleared all the essential points to get in this article. If you do not get the USSD code to take a loan in airtel just scroll upward and see on the paragraph explaining the loan process of Airtel.

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