How to check Jiofi data balance - Jiofi Net Balance Check

Jiofi Net Balance Check or How to check Jiofi data balance?

A lot of people don't know How to check Jiofi data balance?. in your device using the most straightforward method, and today Techsoid will help you to get Jiofi Net Balance checked.

Overall, today we will explain How to check Jio data balance in Jiofi?, using the simple technique to check your Jiofi data balance.

Jiofi is a portable wifi router which you can carry on your pocket for your device connectivity. A 4G mobile wifi with access to fast 4G internet. It cost up to Rs 1000 and more according to its version or model.

How to check Jiofi data balance in PC?

It is effortless to check Jio net balance in mobile because there is an official My Jio app to do such kinds of stuff. Checking data balance of your Jiofi in PC also have some simple steps. At first, you have to login into Jio's website, and then you've to follow steps.

  • Visit Jio's Website.
  • Click on Sign In on the right upper corner.
  • Select Jiofi just below your login.
  • Enter your Jio number and then click on Generate OTP.
  • Paste your OTP on the website and click on submit.
After completion of these steps, the next screen will show your remaining Jiofi data.

We've learned How to check Jio Data balance in Jiofi?, and have reviewed our remaining Jio data balance. We get the solution for checking Jiofi net balance in desktop but, you can follow these steps on your android browser. If you're not going to follow these steps for android, there's another simple and easy way to check it.

How to check Jio data balance in Jiofi? (Mobile)

This process is the more straightforward and time-saving process as compared to the above desktop process. To check your total net balance of Jio wifi follow these steps:-
  • At first, Download, Install and Open My Jio App.
  • Click on Jiofi option at the top of the App.
  • Then click on Generate OTP (Alternative Nuber).
  • Confirm you OTP, input it in the blank space and submit it.
  • Scroll down for remaining data.
By using My Jio app, you can manage lots of settings for your Jiofi, phone numbers and more. You can also get more details related to Jio, their products, and their updates on that App.


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