How to increase speed of internet - 100% Best Working Ways

How to increase the speed of the Internet? It can be a problem that you might be suffering from but, we're here to solve your problem. If you are a Mobile, or a Windows user then don't worry, I will help you to increase your internet speed.

How to increase speed of internet

Through some given solutions below, you can reach up to the maximum speed of your Internet. Many of the devices use your Internet data in background applications that will make you troubling with your internet speed cause it increases your data charges and also slows down your internet speed on both Android or windows. Some application and software (Including your System Software) they use background data that also promote to get your internet slow. In this article, we'll talk about some possible solutions to your question How to increase the speed of Internet? With an issue How to increase the speed of the Internet? Let see some of the possibles solutions on both Android and Windows devices.

Before we get started, First, let you know how you can check your internet speed on mobile and on windows.

How Can I check my net speed?

Checking your internet speed allows you to know your internet speed, and by identifying your internet speed, you can detect your Internet is running slow or it's okay.

On Android

On Android, you can take help from various apps available online that help you to check your internet speed correctly. Make sure you always use trusted applications, and one of the best and trusted applications is Ookla Speed Tester. Download the Ookla Speed Tester app from your android app store. After Downloading the Ookla speed tester app just click on the speed test go button it will automatically generate your speed test result including your Internet Download and upload speed with ping.

On Windows

Almost all people can do the speed tests from their windows computer quickly cause windows can directly get speed results from the website. So, you have to visit the Ookla website ( to check your internet speed. Going on the site and clicking on the GO button will help you quickly get your internet speed test results.

How to increase the speed of the Internet?

Talking about devices, there are many applications that usage background data like some of the web applications and browsers. But only one app can decrease your internet speed, and you will not be able to access your maximum internet speed. To save and increase your internet speed you have to follow these steps given below:-

  • Always Use Data Saving Mode on Mobile Phones.
  • Always check your background application is closed on your device.
  • Restrict your Background data.
  • Make sure you are well connected.

Tips to increase your speed through the Internet Devices

It is imperative to check your internet device status regularly. Internet devices like Modem, Router, etc. are the factors on that internet speed depends on. It is not actually possible to increase your internet speed because you can't enjoy the faster Internet than you pay for. Just imagine you are paying for 60 MBps internet and having a dream to surf 100Mbps internet it can't be real it's nothing more than your desire. But by checking your device connectivity status like checking how many peoples are connected through your network can help you to get your maximum speed. You can easily remove an unwanted guest from your internet device. That will help you to get your maximum speed, and regular maintenance of your Modem, router, and other internet products can also help you to surf your Internet smoothly. So, you can follow these steps to maintain your internet speed:-

To maintain your internet speed, follow these steps properly:
  1. Make sure there are fewer people connected to your network.
  2. Regular Maintainance should be provided to your internet devices.
  3. Remove Unpredicted users from your internet network.
  4. Make your password unpredictable for being safe from password theft.
These are some essential tips that really can help you to get your speed maintained. So, here we finished up this article we will keep you providing the new updated tricks that will also help you. Thanks for visiting.

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