How to check Vodafone talktime balance

Vodafone Talktime Balance Check Codes

How to check Vodafone Talktime balance

Learn how to check Vodafone Talktime balance for free with the easiest and simple guide you've ever experienced. USSD Codes to check Vodafone Talktime balance, there are two possible codes to try both the possible codes for your detailed Information. As we say there are two possible codes to check Vodafone Talktime balance they are *111# or *141#. Both the USSD codes are similar and sometimes one works. The codes that we have provided that helps you to check the Vodafone prepaid balance.

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication company that provides services among many countries and it also provides technology devices that are being useful in our daily life.

The two possible codes to check the Vodafone Talktime balance from the USSD codes are given below with the red highlighted spot just above the paragraph. Almost all USSD Codes are given below for your kind information. All the possible USSD codes for Vodafone, Scroll Down for more.

Learn about Vodafone all the secret USSD Codes according to need or for knowledge purposes. All these Vodafone USSD codes for 2020 are given below for your information. All the Vodafone users are required to learn all these USSD Codes to know their USSD service more Better. "Why is The USSD Codes Use For?" USSD codes are used for checking their sim card information in the easiest way that the user can perform. USSD codes make it easy to search for information or makes you know your balance and more. USSD codes are used to know or Check:-

Usage Of USSD Codes

  • Mobile Number and Validity
  • Vodafone Main Balance Check
  • Vodafone 2G/3G/4G Data Balance Check
  • Local, STD & Roaming Minutes Available
  • Special Data Packs with Validity
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Vodafone Balance Enquiry

Vodafone Code Lists (All Possible USSD Codes)

*121#                                                   (Vodafone Best Offer Code)
Send SMS as DATA BAL to 144       (Vodafone USSD code to check your data balance)
*148#                                                   (Vodafone Local/STD Minutes Balance Check Code)
*111*2#                                               (Vodafone Balance Check Number)
*111*2#                                               (Vodafone Mobile Number Check Code)
*444*444#(Rs.8/-) 30 MB                  (Vodafone 2G pack for 1 day GPRS)
*444*17# (Rs.17/-) 70 MB                 (Vodafone 2G pack for 2 days GPRS)
*444*75# (Rs.75) 300 MB                 (Vodafone 2G pack for 7 days GPRS)
*444*5#                                               (Activate One day Vodafone internet)
*444*8#                                               (Rs 8, 20 Mb 3G plan)
*121*05#                                             (1 day GPRS 2G pack)
*121*14#                                             (3 Days GPRS pack 2G)
*121*25#                                             (7 Days GPRS pack)
*121*49#                                             (15 days GPRS pack)
*121*98#                                             (1 Month GPRS pack)
*121*851#                                           (5 GB 1 month 3G GPRS pack)
*121*1251#                                         (8 GB 1 month 3G GPRS pack Vodafone)

All the above codes are useful to know the given data from the Vodafone service. Other more Secret Vodafone USSD Codes are given below with the one-line sentences with the and with the reason why the given USSD codes numbers are Used. USSD codes for Vodafone to know your Account Detail.

  • Vodafone SMS balance check code (Local) *111*2*5*2#
  • Vodafone SMS balance check code (STD) *111*2*5*2#
  • Vodafone STD Talktime balance code *111*2*5*2#
  • Vodafone Night Internet balance USSD code   *111*2*2#
  • Vodafone Talktime Loan Code is available just dial  *111*1*6*1# 
  • Vodafone Data Loan Code  *111*1*6*2#
  • Vodafone Self Care menu  *111#
  • Vodafone GPRS Net Settings  *111*1*3*3#
  • Vodafone Hellotune Service  *567#
  • Vodafone Talktime Main Balance USSD Code  *111# or *141#
  • Vodafone Net balance USSD code  *111*2*2# or *111*6#
  • Vodafone 2G  Data balance check USSD code  *111*2*2# or *111*6#
  • Vodafone Balance Check No. (3G Internet balance USSD code)  *111*2*2# or *111*6#
  • Vodafone 4G Net balance USSD code  *111*2*2# or *111*6#
  • Vodafone USSD Codes for Talktime loan  *111*10# Send SMS “Credit” to 144
  • Vodafone emergency loan code *111*10# Send SMS “Credit” to 144
  • Vodafone Data Loan USSD code  SMS “ICREDIT” to 144
  • Vodafone USSD Codes for loan  Send SMS “Credit” to 144
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer code  Dial *131*<Amount>*<Nubmer>#
  • Vodafone USSD Code for Best Internet Offer  *111*1*5#

There are some few codes with their details why they are used and we hope you guys have learned it and also hope that all the detail given above this paragraph is also being knowledgeable for you. Thanks For Reading...

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