Jio 4G apn settings - Phone Internet SETUP with Jio 4G APN

Jio 4G APN Settings

Don't have internet access and you are a Jio User? The Internet connection can be not working for setting up your wrong Jio 4G APN settings. What is your reason for your internet problem? On some devices, their Apn settings are not correctly fixed, or their settings are not correct, You don't have to worry if your internet problem is your settings mainly Apn settings. To set up your Jio Apn settings, you should have good knowledge of your device. Don't worry if you don't have any skills to set up your problem and you don't know to set up your Jio 4G Apn settings. We are here to solve your problems which occurred due to your not correctly set Apn settings. To set up your Jio Apn settings the process to set it up is given below. If you ever have your Sim lost must read this: How to block Jio lost Sim. The basic design of JIO APN settings is of two types. These are the Network Identifier and Operator Identifier. Network identifier has a similar name relating to the coding format of internet URL which contains three labels, and this name is allotted by Public Land Mobile Network to the specific organization that was officially reserved for their name on the Internet domain.

The Operator Identifier is located in the specific operator's packet domain network where GPRS Support Node is present.

You are a Jio user? That means you have access to one of the best 4G internets in India. Congrats! You are fortunate, at the point back again to set up your best network Apn settings (4G Jio Apn settings). We've solved that problem especially for you, Yes only for you we have solved the Jio Apn settings problem by practical methods which are given just below in the following steps.

Jio 4G Apn Settings

Apn Full form refers to "Access point Name" which means you need to set your access point name before you access your internet. Access Point Name is the connection between your network and public switched networks also can be said as the server.  In some devices settings to access Jio 4G internet are already being fixed. If there is a problem with your Jio access point settings, you need to adjust your setting immediately to obtain your Jio 4G Internet.

How to Set Your Jio Apn Settings

There are some written points, follow them practically to make the setting process of your device's Apn easier next time. Follow Jio Apn settings practically:-
  1. Go to Settings and then search for Mobile Network.
  2. After Going on Mobile Network Option, Select Network Mode and set it to LTE/GSM/WCDMA (auto connect) or LTE only.
  3. Then select APN and choose JIO 4G option.
  4. Set APN (Access point Name) to Jio net (just type it).
  5. Leave Proxy, Port, Username, and Password as they are.
  6. You can use either set your Server to Empty, or you can also input to increase browsing speed.
  7. Leave MMSC, Authentication type, and MMS Proxy to Empty. Don't change MCC, MNC settings as it depends on your current location.
  8. Set APN protocol' to IPv6 or IPv4/IPV6 to boost the speed.

After setting up your Jio 4G apn settings, you can access your internet freely. Just you set your Jio mobile apn settings to browse safer and don't share your personal info (Trying to say information) with others. Just you saved it with your correct Jio apn settings don't forget to tell us is this article is informative or not just comment down below and thanks for you, you have visited us, and we've solved your problem.


I hope you guys like it and make sure you share with your social media friends who don't know to set Jio 4G APN settings and make them learn. Hope you guys learned to solve this problem and please visit again for getting trusted and working solutions measures.

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