Indian Railways Cancels all the trains until 31 March due to Coronavirus

Indian Railways

Indian Railways

March 22, 2020: Indian railways cancel all trains until the end of this month. The cause to revoke all passengers is that the victims of coronavirus travel on the train of Indian railways. 12 people who have been infected with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 travelled in trains between March 13 and 16. 

The Indian railway tweeted on twitter by saying: "Some cases of coronavirus infected passengers in trains, which makes train travel risky. Be safe from travelling on trains you can also be infected by a coronavirus. Postpone all journeys and keep yourself safe and your loved ones safe." the railways tweeted. Sum of Eight people who have recently travelled on the AP Sampark Kranti train on March 13 has tested positive for coronavirus." 

The Indian Railway ministry also tweeted that: "4 passengers travelling on Godan Express from Mumbai to Jabalpur on March 16 in B1 Coach have been tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday (March 21). They came to India from Dubai last week. All concerned have been alerted to take necessary action."

Indian railways have taken a tough decision to cancels about 9000 trains and many other services that are being provided by Indian railways—all the total passenger's loss to the Indian Railway Due to coronavirus. Indian Railways cancel their trains to make people far away from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Indian railways have cancelled many trains to avoid their passengers and railway staff from it. Because all the professionals say that "People gathered together can promote the disease" Risks of coronavirus is increasing day by day, so due to it, all the trains services have been cancelled by the Indian Railway. For the safety of their community.

Tickets Costs Full Refund?

Coronavirus is spreading everywhere, and we've to stand against it by following some safety measures that our government is referring to us. Due to the Coronavirus-infected people travel to the train, the Indian railway is making a step to cancel all the trains till the march month ended up.

Due to the cancellation of all the trains operated by Indians railways all the passengers whose tickets are being cancelled are thinking about their refund without charging cancellation fee is possible?  Sounds great cause Indian railways are going to pay back without cutting any cancellation fee.

Other Details related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to be safe from coronavirus?

You can stay away from it by following the steps mentioned below. The best way to be protected from coronavirus are:-
  1. Wash your hand with alcohol-based handwash if possible, If not possible use sanitizers or other handwashes for 20 seconds (minimum).
  2. Maintain the 1 meter of minimum distance with an unknown person and avoid to handshake with the person representing symptoms of flu.
  3. Take a high amount of healthy homemade food and avoid junk food (Eat Fruits having more amounts of vitamin C).
  4. Don't stay in the area where there are many people gathered. 
  5. Stay safe from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following precautions can make you safe from coronavirus, and you can live a healthy and safe life. #Say No To Corona.

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