How to block Jio Sim [Jio sim block number online]

How to block Jio Sim (Jio sim block number online)

How to block Jio Sim Card

Jio sim is the production of the well-known brand of India "Reliance Jio Telecommunication." In some emergency cases, you need to block your sim card. If you lost your sim, you want to replace your sim, or you have a duplicate sim. You can take the step of blocking the sim card. You can block your sim card if you have lost a sim card, and you have the fare of its misuses, and you don't want to take any kind of risk for yourself due to your sim card.

If your sim card is being lost by you and you want to block it soon as possible and don't want to take any kind of injuries or risk, you can make a call using Jio sim to Jio Customer care helpline number at 199 (only using Jio sim). In case you have a sim from any other telecommunication company, you can call on  1800 88 99999 (Jio Customer Care Number) using any different sim number. After making a call to the Jio call centre, you can tell the problem or issue with your sim card and why you want to block your sim card with a short and sweet explanation. Then the Jio customer care service will take the request's action immediately and block your lost or damaged sim.

In case you want to borrow a new sim card from the same number, you can buy a sim card having a different number. After purchasing a new Jio sim card, you can request by calling Customer care service to change your unique sim card number to your previous sim card number.

How to block Jio Sim (Jio sim block number online)

Block Jio Sim Card Online

Somebody does not want to call the customer care service, and they want to deactivate their sim card using any alternative method, and they just ask here and there, and they get a question in their mind Can we block Jio Sim card Online? And if yes, How to block Jio sim card online?. We are happy to say that there is a step by step procedure to block your 4G Jio sim card online. Two methods can help you to deactivate your sim card, you can stop using your sim card for up to 90 days then your sim card will be automatically detached and if you lost your sim card Steps are given below follow them if you want to block your sim card online.

Step To Deactivate Jio Sim Card Online

  1. Goto
  2. Log in to your account using credentials for the Jio SIM, which you want to block or Deactivate.
  3. Watch at the top right corner, click on the gear (settings) icon, then you can see the option "Suspend and Resume, "click on it.
  4. Then you will see two buttons to choose between the two options – SIM Damaged or SIM/Device Lost, you can click on any one of the two possibilities asked in the dialogue box.
  5. After you click on any one of the asked options, your SIM will be immediately Blocked/ suspended/ Deactivated.
  6. If you found the SIM card again somewhere. And want to resume the services, you can follow the same steps of logging into your account, and you will find the new "Resume" option, click on it, and your Jio SIM will be activated Immediately with its previous original number.
  7. After completion of the following steps, your sim card will be deactivated and activated if you found it later. All Done.

When you completed this process, if any other problems appear then, you can leave a comment below. Any additional questions or questions related to Jio sim or Jio other products you can call on toll-free Jio Customer Care Number 191 (Using Jio Sim) and call on 1800 88 99999 (Using any other sim).


Here we have learned how to Jio sim block online? And Jio sim block number online with the help of your mobile phone or computers/laptops. In case your sim card has been lost somewhere else, and this information is only for educational and security purposes. We have learned about "How to block Jio Sim" because the data is necessary to be secure and protected. After all, we can stay safe by learning information. In case we have lost our sim cards, and someone has done a crime with the help of your sim card, then the data to block your sim card can be very, very helpful, and secure to your life.

Updated: March 21, 2021

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