8 things to Avoid doing on your ANDROID phone 🔥🔥

We have been using Android Smartphones since years.
Some are planning to buy a new phone, some have just bought their new phone and many are already using their Android phone.

Android grabs 85% of smartphone share with over more than 1.5+ billion users.

Due to the digital trend rolling all over the world we use our smartphones to do almost everything.

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Jio Fiber Broadband DHAMAKA to be out soon in India.

So, in the modern era of Jio where the Internet is almost free for every one of us. Jio has come up with something which we all were hearing a lot from past couple of months. Jio is the king of  Telecom as we all know it, and now it’s time to rule the Broadband Industry as well. Before Jio 4G has anyone of us ever imagined that our phones will have somewhere around 15-25 Mbps of download speed? Jio changed it all. Guess what? Jio is coming with the all new Jio Fiber Broadband Router which will offer up to 1 Gbps of speed. Crazy right? It is.

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What is IoT? Internet of Things : Explained

What is the Internet of Things?

Imagine the world where all your devices are being connected to each other be it your car, office or your home. The world where the door opens on its own when it detects a person incoming and locks when detects a stranger. The car lights automatically turn on when it’s in the driveway. What if you can control the household devices with a click on your mobile phone? Well, we have seen all this in science and we have been listening to this more than a decade now. But, guess what it’s no more an imaginary science it’s turning out to be a reality and that is what we call as an Internet of Things(IoT). There are so many applications to IoT which we will cover later in this article.

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