8 things to Avoid doing on your ANDROID phone 🔥🔥

We have been using Android Smartphones since years.
Some are planning to buy a new phone, some have just bought their new phone and many are already using their Android phone.

Android grabs 85% of smartphone share with over more than 1.5+ billion users.

Due to the digital trendĀ rolling all over the world we use our smartphones to do almost everything.

But there are few things which we avoid to take care on our Android phone.

I can bet, you have been avoiding these things. Everyone one does it. It’s just because “Phone to acha chal raha hai naĀ baki humko kya lenaĀ dena”.

I will share with you some secrets tips that will keep your smartphone experience awesome. I highly recommend reading the whole article.

8 things to avoid doing on your Android Smartphone

Let’s Proceed

Installing apps from Unknown Sources

Many new AndroidĀ users try using 3rd party apps which are not licensed by Google. This increases your piracy. The main reason for using 3rd party apps is to get some paid apps for free. But let me tell you something, deep down by installing such pirated apps there are chances that your phone might get affected by some malicious code which is not observed by Google.

I recommend using Google Play Store for downloading all the apps. There are more than 20 million + applications on Google Play Store.

When you download the apps from Play Store all your apps come with the licensed version which is highly authorized by Google Developers Team. This way Google takes all the responsibility for the security of your phone and the apps installed in it.

Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu

I am pretty much sure that many Android phones user do this often. Just by cleaning recentĀ apps menu, again and again, people think their phone will function as fast as a Rocket. But that is never gonna happen my friends.

Our Android system is smart enough to judge whether the applications need to be kept in memory or not. You don’t have to take care of it. You will wonder Hey! What am I speaking about? Am I okay?

Yes, friends. Let me tell you the science behind it. What happens is when you close your apps from Recent Menu all your data which was in memory is now cleared. Again for some reason, you have started the app. Now all your data will be loaded again the app will start working from zero level, this will eventually use more Processor power and also consume more Battery life.

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Using an Antivirus Software

From the 1st day, people search for the best Antivirus software available for their phone. Let me ask you one question. Why do you need an Antivirus? ManyĀ of us will say to protect our phone. Well, that’s correct.

10 things to avoid doing in android phone

But having an Antivirus is not compulsory until you download all your apps from Play Store and other contents from any trusted website there is no chance of any virus affecting your phone, and just by installing the Antivirus software will use your battery more.

People are just afraid of the virus and due to this reason, all the Antivirus software have millions of download on Play Store.

I recommend downloading all your content from websites that are authorized and you will never need an Antivirus.


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Using Battery Saver

Each and every one of us is fond of longer battery life and everyone wants a battery that lasts for a day on a single charge and for making that happen we use Battery Saver Apps.

10 things to avoid doing in android phone

What does this Battery Saver do actually?

It does some very basic things like lower your brightness, switch your Wifi off, kill some recent apps. All this can be done by our own then why use a Battery Saver?

Battery Saver never saves your battery it actually consumes your battery more.

Stay away from such unhealthy and power consuming Apps.

Clearing Cache Memory

Haha! all of us have used C Cleaner App to clear our memory at least once. That magical stick comes out and mops away all your Cache data and shows you some 100s Mbs of data being cleared.

Let’s take an example: You have recently used Google Maps and searched for some location. Now, this data will be stored in a Cache Memory on your device and the next time when you open Google Maps you have this data preloaded into your application.

Just by clearing the Cache memory daily with some App like C Cleaner is not highly recommended.

Also, if you feel like cleaning your Cache memory just do it manually there is no need to use such apps and keep your device bloated.

Rooting your Phone

Rooting your phone and showing others that you have rooted your device feels like a proud moment for everyone of us.

However, if you don’t know the exact purpose of rooting your device don’t do it.Ā Before rooting just ask yourself one simple question.

10 things to avoid doing in android phone

Why do you want to root your phone?

If it’s just for showcasing I would suggest don’t go for rooting and if you have any sole purpose of rooting then, of course, you can do it. However, in both the cases your warranty will be voided.

Make sure you are aware of what rooting can do to your phone and be ready for it.

Ignoring App Permissions

After installing a new application, you are asked about some App Permissions without reading properly, we grant those permissions.

This can be dangerous as you might never know about it but there are many apps who are offering something different and asking for a permission which is not even relevant to their services.

10 things to avoid doing in android phone

Source: The Indian Express

Example: You are using a Torch app and they might ask you for your GPS location permission.Which is completely irrelevant. This way they can easily track your location and you might not be aware of it which is highly insecure.Ā 

I recommend reading all the App Permissions properly and “Deny” which are not relevant to your application and it’s completely okay and in fact, that will keep you safe.

Not Restarting your Phone

For a healthy use and better user experience, it is recommended that you reboot your phone once in every 10-15 days. most of us never do it; reason being we are busy with unimportant things like chatting xD!. Rebooting the phone will give it a fresh start

Rebooting the phone will give it a fresh start and you might notice performance getting boosted.

If you don’t reboot your phone regularly, it will be filled with loads of unnecessary data and the phone will reboot itself after the threshold. This affects the processor severely. Hence reboot it once every 10-15 days.

Wrap Up

I hope you liked the secrets which I have shared with you.

Let me know in the comments section whether you liked the article or not.

Share some more secrets if you have any.

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